Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris on Conan O'Brien

I wasn't feeling particularly sleepy last night, so I stayed up to watch Conan O'Brien. This is very unusual behavior for me since I'm pretty much the definition of "morning person." Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when Conan announced that one of his guests would be Neil Patrick Harris. I was excited and also a little nervous, because I caught a video clip of last time Neil Patrick Harris was on the Conan. He told some story about a vacation in Hawaii with his boyfriend. I don't remember it verbatim, but I think it went something like this. They went to a restaurant about 30 minutes from their hotel. On the way back, Neil realized that the food didn't totally agree with his digestive system, so he went looking for a rest stop. Finally he found a port-a-potty. Well, he went into the port-a-potty, had some major diarrhea, and then realized that the lid of the port-a-potty was down. Seriously, that was way more information about Neil Patrick Harris's bowel movements than I ever wanted to know. All I could think after that particular interview was "TMI."

Anyway, based on that story, I was nervous about this one. I was pleasantly surprised. For one thing, there was not one reference to bowel movements. For another thing, when he was chatting with Conan about how last year he and his boyfriend, by the way, I totally loved it when he referred to his boyfriend as "My better half," visited the playboy mansion. I swear, Conan's were all bugged out, it was the funniest thing. Now I'm no mind reader, but I swear I could read Conan's mind when that happened. He was thinking "You got invited to the playboy mansion? You're not even straight! You couldn't appreciate it! Why couldn't that have been me?" Well, that's what I think Conan was thinking anyway.

Oh, Neil also talked about this thing he's producing in L.A. Some kind of game, I think. I already forget it's name. He talked about some haunted house he did for Halloween this year at some friends' of his house. Oh, wait, there was a bowel movement reference. He said he didn't scare the real little ones too bad. He didn't want the kids dressed as Pooh to poo. Oh, and he also talked about trying to flirt while in a fat suit and how it didn't work out that well.

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